Sunday, 10 December 2017

"A Great Discovery in Luxor "

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Since the beginning of 2017 ,Dr/ Khaled El-Anani and Dr/Mostafa Waziri have made a string of archaeological discoveries including the discovery of Userhat tomb in 18th of April and other tomb in 9 of September and today the discovery of the two tombs .
On Saturday, Dr/ Khaled El-anani (minister of antiquities) announced the discovery of two ancient tombs at Dra abu el –Naga (cemetery for the noblemen) in the west bank of the Nile at Luxor.
The first tomb bearing a number of "150" dates back to 18th dynasty and contains a cartouche carved on the ceiling of the rectangular hall bearing the name of king Thutmose 1, Among the artifacts found inside the tomb are more than one hundreds funerary seals , and contains two burial shafts located in the northern and southern sides of the tomb .In the southern one , a burial chamber to Isis-Nfrt (may be the owner of the tomb ).
Dr/Mostafa Waziri "Secretary general of the supreme council of Antiquities " said that the other tomb bearing a number of "161" . The tomb has a wall paintings on the southern side of the western wall represented the owner of the tomb presented the offerings to the gods .The artifacts found inside were mostly fragments of wooden coffins.
This happened during the largest festival at Luxor governorate with the attending of Dr/ Ghada wali "minister of social solidarity ", Christina Georgieva "world bank chief executive officer " , Ambassador of Serbia , Mohammed Badr "Governor of Luxor" , Dr/Mostafa Waziri "Secretary general of the supreme council of Antiquities " and a number of audio-visual media at the local and international level .
Mohammed Badr "Governor of Luxor" said that we made a restoration to one of the largest statue at Luxor temple and thanked all the missions worked in the archaeological sites in the governorate especially the Egyptian mission .

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