Monday, 8 November 2010

I got sent this list of useful links by Kevin Willis, which will be useful to students.

Here is a list of Ancient Egyptian resources you may find interesting. The first is an online library with rare and otherwise unavailable books.

This last is about the new Grand Egyptian Museum at Giza that is now due to be opened next year (don't hold your breath though the date has been put back twice already!).

Talking about students time to plug my course again :)


Stuart Tyler said...

Thank you Jane. I have put off my first short- course until the Spring of next year. I soon hope to book up for that course.

How is your own progress? You must be some way into your course by now?


Jane Akshar said...

Started my third year and it gets better all the time!!!!

Stuart Tyler said...

Glad to hear it Jane. There's nothing better than doing something you enjoy, is there?

The very best of luck to you,