Saturday, 20 November 2010

KV38 and KV39 from Richard Sellicks

Richard keeps digging up these old photos and sending them to me. I am really grateful because you are not allowed to take them any more even if you could get there, which is also not allowed now.

Stele of Tuthmosis at Hatshepsuts Temple




Thutmose said...

The curse of the bloody water bottles is evident I see. :/ I would love an opportunity to explore some of those tombs that are off the tourist path some day.

'The boiling frog' said...

I am Luc Pierson, an avid Flemish amateur egyptologist, going on solo exploration yearly around Luxor, I stood twice before the entrance KV 39, but without a rope and a partner, you can get in... but never get out of the entrance pit anymore, so thanks for the photos of the inside that I missed out on !!