Saturday, 20 November 2010

Merenptah Museum and Store rooms closed

Today my guests and guide were not allowed in the storerooms or the museum at the temple of Merenptah. The guide was told it was because there had been a theft from the museum. A stele had been taken, I am so saddened by this, it was a lovely little museum. Here is a reminder


dicksluxor said...

Hi Jane
I have been told this twice before and when I have pursued the matter the way you know I can, I have found it to be a con to obtain money!

Jane Akshar said...

They offered money, quite a lot as they really wanted to see it. It was refused, another person also told me this story but not the reason. Those people went to the inspectors office and saw Waseri and he told them it was closed. So I am afraid it is genuine, awful thing to happen

merenptah said...

Hi Jane
We are travelling to Luxor January 2013. Do you think the Merenptah Museum will still be closed?

Jane Akshar said...

It is difficult to say this far in advance but why don't you write and ask for permission just to make sure.