Thursday, 24 March 2011

15 years for the Luxor thieves

Well I think Mansour Boraik was right when he said any further problems would be deterred by what happened to the thieves. My hubby told me that they appeared in front of a military court on 22nd and were sentenced to 15 years. Personally I would not fancy 15 days in an Egyptian jail. It certainly sends out a message to anyone else thinking of doing something similar.


Stuart Tyler said...

Sending out the right message is so important- this IS the right message.

That will give them a while to think about what idiots they have been. I can imagine Egyptian jails to be less like the 5-star hotels we have for prisons in the UK.


Anonymous said...

Wow...thing really do work very differently in Egypt than here in the US. The crime took place about a week ago and they're already convicted and sentenced?