Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Egyptian Town Anxiously Awaits Tourists' Return

Radio interview and transcript on NPR

FLINTOFF: Jane Ashkar, originally from Britain, operates tours and a rental company called Flats in Luxor with her Egyptian husband. She says the major sites, the vast temples of Luxor and Karnak, the tombs and the Valley of the Kings were suddenly empty.

Ms. JANE ASHKAR (Flats in Luxor): Normally at this time of year, they get six to eight thousand a day. After Friday the 28th, they had 35. It was panic.

FLINTOFF: She says many lower-level staff at hotels and restaurants were laid off.

Ms. ASHKAR: Behind every one man you will see in a hotel, there will be a family of maybe 20 - you know, his mom, his dad, his brothers, his sisters, his kids, his wife - all relying on his salary and his tips for food.

FLINTOFF: Ashkar says she's been blogging about how safe Luxor is and the tourists are starting to come back.

PS They spelt my name wrong, my fault for having a peculiar name lol

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