Sunday, 20 March 2011

Luxor's stolen statues RECOVERED

Just got a text message from Mansour Boraik
We just found the two statues right now. Thanks to the antiquites police. I want to say Luxor will be safe forever

Well done everyone


Larry Rothfield said...

Great news! But which antiquities police recovered the items? Are the antiquities police employed by the Interior Ministry back at work? Were they on site or in the area when the statues were stolen, or have they come back because of the theft?

Anonymous said...

الحمد لله

Thutmose said...

Excellent job and congratulations to the Antiquities Police!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jane, whilst on one hand the reporting of this appears good news and in the best of intentions my fear is it will cause people to be wary of coming to Luxor. Talk of 'Armed men attacked the guards with sub machine guns and chloroform' in your earlier report will do nothing to put peoples minds at rest that all is well in Luxor!

I am told that the hotels are just 15% occupied and that the most famous of hotels, the Winter Palace, has around 30 rooms out of over 200 rooms occupied. Furthermore we hear the sites are still fairly quiet - this will not get better if people are scared to visit.

People want to come on holiday to relax and explore Luxor's fabulous sites - but they wont come with reports such as this.

Jane Akshar said...

It does no one any favours to lie and the story is news and available to all. No tourists are affected, they are safely tucked up in bed at 3:30 am, tourists are not being paid to guard antiquities. Although I have had a comment on the blog about could foreigners help.

d said...

Thank you for reporting this Jane.
As you said, it does no one any favors to lie. If you tried to cover up the truth regarding this incident for the sake of tourism then no one would be able to believe you in anything else you said, even when there is encouraging info.
It is indeed all "Luxor News", which people rely on you to report.
As you said, it is not like visitors to Luxor are being targeted, and the fact of the statues being swiftly recovered shows that things are not so far out of control.
Thank you again for reporting ALL the news from lovely Luxor!