Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Lights are back on the hills

Actually I was really pleased they were turned off. We had less power cuts and they are a complete waste of money, not ecologically friendly and nobody asked for them but sadly they are back


Stuart Tyler said...

That's a very honest point of view Jane. I hadn't thought of the points you mentioned.

I do agree that it's a huge waste of money. Even one or two people in my street have solar powered lighting in their gardens (as do I). Surely this is an option in Egypt? I'm sure there's enough sun after all (wink).

Stuart Tyler

Caroline said...

And not only those things already mentioned - but they are extremely ugly and do nothing to make one feel any sort of beauty of the hills. The spots in the tomb entrances make them look like strange ghouls staring out at you. All part of the total desecration of a once charming and lovely hillside - which had been charming and lovely for many millenia.

Caroline said...

Nopt only are the lights bad for all the reasons already listed - but they are also ugly. The very bright spots from the tomb entrances stare out at you like ghouls. All charm and beauty of the hillside is taken away. And this is a hillside that had charm and beauty for many millenia. Shame on all those who thought of this and made it happen.

berniemyk said...

Come on! I think the lights are amazing and look very good at night. For the tourists and visitors who arrive in Luxor late in the evening, it gives them the first chance to see where the Valley Mountains are, and I would imagine it also gives them a certain excitement of wanting to be there the next day. A lot of work was done to introduce the lights and I think a good job was done. Its great to see them when walking along the corniche and even when you are up close to them.