Sunday, 15 May 2011

Spring Newsletter from Flats in Luxor

Lots of news from Flats in Luxor
- Photo by Richard I'Anson
- Internet Marketing Event
- Tahrir Villa Completed
- Tahrir Villa Website
- Six Egyptology Essays exceed expectations
- Hidden Luxor e-book launched

Photo by Richard I'Anson
Someone showed me the new colour Lonely Planet Discover Egypt book as it contains an article by me but imagine my surprise to see a lovely photo of the Nile, cruise boats, Theban Hills and hot air balloons with the Goubli flats slap bang in the middle. The orange building. So I contacted the photographer and he kindly gave me permission to use it. So if you have ever wondered just how close Flats in Luxor was to the Nile now you can see.

Internet Marketing Event

My very good friend Colette Mason gave a free Internet Marketing Workshop, the very first in Luxor. This was an imitative to give a boost to tourism in Luxor post revolution. The audience was totally enthralled and she has some 6 follow up appointments before she leaves. A huge success. There is already talk of another one. For those of you that missed the presentation I have got copies of the DVD she handed out so please get in touch.

Tahrir Villa Completed
Mahmoud has completed Tahrir Villa. Our top spec, luxury villa with 4 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms. The bedrooms are downstairs to take advantage of the cool and upstairs is a totally open plan living area. All furniture is top quality from Cairo. The roof can contain hot tub, gym, barbecue, bar, there is plenty of room for lots of options. Colette and another friend Steve Mitchell have helped us with photos and these are currently being put up on a new website.

Tahrir Villa Website
Big thanks to Colette and Steve for setting this up. There are lots photos and we will be adding more.

Six Egyptology Essays exceed expectations

I am so pleased my first e-book has sold so well and I truly appreciate your support buying it. Whilst tourism is so low it is a way of us keeping the business going until numbers pick up. If you want to buy it go HERE

Hidden Luxor e-book launched

On that same note I have launched my second book, this will be available on Amazon as a Kinde book or you can buy direct HERE. There is also going to be a video version. Lots of you know how much I love to guide and this is all my knowledge in book form.

Here is a video about it

I hope you enjoy all our spring news and we hope to see you soon.

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