Tuesday, 17 May 2011

"Zahi Hawass seeks secret chambers in the Pyramid of Cheops"

I got this email and I am sharing it but with reservations. Comments welcome.

"Zahi Hawass seeks secret chambers in the Pyramid of Cheops! (May 2011 – 2 Pages!)

(Word exclusive, Free Press Release by www.mysteries-magazin.com, Basel, Switzerland)

Top secret mission on the Giza Plateau: Under the strictest of secrecy and on instruction of the controversial Egyptian minister for antiquities, Zahi Hawass, a new mini robot crept through the passageways of the Pyramid of Cheops on the 29th May 2010. Its aim: To search for previously undiscovered secret chambers of the Pharaoh. For this purpose the extremely narrow, previously poorly understood southern shaft in the Queen’s Chamber including its mysterious capstone was more thoroughly measured, photographed and researched than ever before - with the help of a new «snake camera».

To this day, the Egyptian authorities do not wish to inform the public of the latest discoveries of their «Djedi Project» under the leadership of mission manager Shaun Whitehead (UK) - although the results of its research are set to be published officially in the upcoming weeks. The Swiss journal MYSTERIES (www.mysteries-magazin.com) therefore unveils some of the most significant news and findings of the secret robot expedition in its latest May/June 2011 issue - world exclusive!

Further research is set to take place soon including the possibility of drilling into any concealed cavities at the end of the southern and the northern shaft in the Queen's Chambre. Or as Zahi Hawass put it personally on the 9th April 2011, when asked by MYSTERIES chief editor Luc Bürgin: «The Djedi Project will continue, but the date for this has not yet been set. We need to discuss how the work will move forward again in the future. I will be contacting the team at the University of Leeds in the UK to agree a time for the project to begin again, so it may be later this year.»

Luc Bürgin (chief editor)
Postfach, CH 4002 Basel, Switzerland
E-Mail: mysteries@bluewin.ch
FAX: +41 - 61 - 681 85 62

About Luc Bürgin:

Luc Bürgin was born in Basle, Switzerland in 1970 where he was awarded his Matura secondary school leaving certificate in 1989 and then went on to study German Studies, European Ethnology, Music Science, Media Science and Sociology at the University of Basle. In 1993 he embarked on a career as an author and freelance journalist and was Editor of a weekly newspaper from 1996 to 1998. He became Deputy Editor in Chief of a weekly newspaper from 1998 to 2000 and Editor in Chief of a Basle daily newspaper from 2000 to 2002.

Since then Luc Bürgin has been one of the most successful journalists and publicists in Switzerland. The 12 popular science books he has written to date on controversial phenomena and disputed scientific discoveries have been translated into more than 12 languages worldwide. In 2000 he was awarded the «Exopsychology Prize» by the Swiss Dr.-A.-Hedri Foundation for his journalistic work.

Since 2003 Luc Bürgin acts as as publisher and Editor in Chief of the bi-monthly magazine MYSTERIES (www.mysteries-magazin.com), which currently has a total circulation of 35,000 in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

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Stuart Tyler said...

Very interesting story. In the coming weeks if the information is correct then we may hear more "unofficial" news.

Hopefully not a red- herring