Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Update from Otto Schaden, KV63, Valley of Kings

Just got a great email from Dr Otto Schaden give a brief update.

Dear Jane,
I have some reports done, one just out is "KV63 Update: The 2011 Season,"
KMT 22 (No. 2, Summer 2011), pp. 33-41, which covers some of the work on KV-63's Coffins A and C, the ceramics, some of the seal impressions and some comments on Coffin E's garland (E.4).

Another paper will be submitted to the ASAE shortly, plus a brief summary for Orientalia.

When the political problems arose last January, we just kept working. The closure of banks and the halting of internet access proved to be only temporary inconveniences. While some missions shut down, we continued working to the scheduled end (early March). Due to the political situation and some
travel restrictions, it did cause some of our staff members to cancel their participation. Because of various factors, we had to alter and adapt our initial plans, but we did manage to advance our studies.

Still a bit early for the plans for 2012, but we are nearing the end of work on KV-63 materials and we hope it possible to get back to completing the clearance of KV-10 pillared hall descent during the second half of next season.

Otto Schaden


Solon said...

Appears there is nothing of major importance in KV63 if, after 7 years, there has been no further information about the contents of the final coffin. Much ado about nothing.

Jane Akshar said...

Actually there is an article by Otto about one of the coffins in the latest EES magazine. Things don't get studied and published in a day or a week or even a year