Sunday, 7 September 2008

Botanical Room at Karnak Temple

Although Karnak is one of the busiest places and nearly all the tourists go there it is also one of the biggest. As a consequence there are loads of parts of it that no one ever goes too. e.g The Open Air Museum
Someone recently contacted me about the Botanical Room at Karnak asking for photos. I had not got the ones she wanted but Stan of Eternal Egypt had and here they are.
It is a really tricky place to photograph as the relief work is so low and you need shadow. Which means visiting it at several different times of the day. He is a fantastic photographer and his site well worth looking around.
Other quieter parts of Karnak are the Khonsu Temple where Ed Johnson has been running a field school. The recent restoration has brought out some wonderful colour.
Also the Ptah temple where for a little baksheesh the guardians will do a great trick with the light and put a spotlight on the Sekhmet statue inside using only a mirror and the sun.

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