Sunday, 28 September 2008

El Mamela Tombs at Esna - Ank Tify

Back in July I published the new ticket prices and on the list were the El Mamela Tombs. I was asked what I knew about them and had to admit total ignorance. A subsequent question on EEF didin't reveal any more information. But I have just found out something about this. I am still trying to visit the tomb but you need special permissions. Anyway what I have found out is that it is the tomb of Ank Tify from 10th dynasty under Neferkare. It is 15 km south of Esna I saw it from the road yesterday but was not allowed to stop. After Ramadan I will try and get there.

Now can anyone out there give me more information or a link to more information.


Brian Yare said...

This is the tomb of Ankh-tifi at Moalla for which one must buy a ticket at Luxor Temple.

Jane Akshar said...

That is a 5 year old blog post Brian later entries have all those details.