Wednesday, 1 October 2008

1st October Eid and my University Course

Today is Eid and when Muslims celebrate the end of Ramadan, everyone has new clothes and visits each other. I went to my husbands family house wearing my new clothes and promptly got baptized by 5 year old Doa'a dancing round showing off and knocking a big mug of water flying. I had to stand in the sun and drip. Everyone is really happy and it is a lovely time to visit. Even the men at the ticket office are smiling.

It is also the first day of my university course. It was so exciting logging in today and seeing what we had to do. The first task is to visit a museum and report on it. Well Luxor Museum came immediately to mind but then I thought it would be more interesting to do something a bit more obscure so I going to do my report on the Merenptah temple. This is a very neglected site but I really like it and think it well worth a visit. Firstly the way the Swiss have reconstructed it is quite clever and gives you a sense of proportion and grandeur but without confusing you about what is original what is reconstruction. The museum has some wonderful pieces in it, all found on the site and from quite a wide period of time.

It is will be nice to be visiting a site again, I am afraid I stay in doors during the summer these days, air conditioning is a wonderful things.

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