Friday, 10 October 2008

Mohammed Ismail's daughter got engaged

Lots of you know Mohammed, he is my walking guide and used to live in a tomb in old Gurna. I went to the engagement party last night, I knew I was an honoured guest as my Fanta came with a glass with ice in it!!! It was at the new village and there must have been about 150 people there.
The engaged couple sat on thrones whilst music played then the girls parents appeared with a tray with gold jewellery on it. This is what the groom would have bought her and is her security for all her life.

Shortly after this while the dancing was going on a load of either sugar or salt was thrown on the dances. I didn't get showered so was not sure what it was and got 2 different answers when I asked salt to keep away the bad eyes or sugar to make them sweet. The marriage will take place in about 4 months

I have loaded a short vidoe clip on Facebook which I hope you can see

The range of headscarves worn by the ladies was amazing, some were very beautiful and glamorous.


Shoshara said...

Hi Jane

Showed Emad the photos and video and he asked which daughter it is.
Enjoyed the video we really miss those weddings!

Shoshara said...

Hi Jane, showed Emad the photos and he was really pleased but wanted to know which daughter it was that got engaged. Loved the video too. We miss those weddings so much hear!

Jane Akshar said...

I think he said her name was Hana but the noise was so deafening.

Shoshara said...

I know what you mean! I usually just smile and nod they could be saying anything! LOL