Friday, 6 March 2009

El Nor - womens co-operative

El Nor is a Women's co-operative that was formed in 2007. There was a group of 34 young women, who have been taught embroidery and sewing at a school funded by a European charity and 9 of these decided to form this co-operative.

Most of the young women are un-married and many come from poor families where there is no wage earner. The skills they have learnt and developed make it possible for them to contribute to the family income and support their families.

They are have an exhibition of their work at the Marslam Hotel from 20th March - 2nd April and everyone is welcome to attend and see their work.


Johki said...

Where is Marslam hotel?

Jane Akshar said...

Very very close to the main ticket office on the West Bank