Thursday, 14 May 2009

Certificate in Egyptology

This is the updated details of the course I am attending. It is totally suitable for anyone all over the world as it is entirely online. You have until 30th June to apply

Certificate in Egyptology

Programme Director: Professor Rosalie David, OBE
Course Tutor: Dr Joyce Tyldesley

This 3 year programme provides opportunity for serious, academic study of Egyptology at one of the leading Universities in the U.K. It is led by an internationally recognised scholar and draws upon the important Egyptological collections of the University's Museum and Library. This well-established and highly regarded Certificate has been completely revised and restructured for delivery on-line via the Blackboard Virtual e-learning platform. The new format will provide stimulating and attractive learning materials, opportunity for structured study of museum collections, tutor support and contact with other students through online discussion groups and discussion boards.

Year 1
From Predynastic Egypt to the Hyksos Period
Year 2
From the beginning of the New Kingdom to the establishment of Dynasty 19
Year 3
From the Later New Kingdom to the Arab conquest
The study of hieroglyphs will form an integral part of the course

Course Begins: 01 October 2009
Applications open: 06 April 2009
Deadline for applications: 30 June 2009


KMT said...

Hello Jane,

I am fascinated by Egypt from my childhood and to become an archeologist or scholar in the field was one omy dearest childhood dreams.
However my life took another course and I have ended in much differrent professions - computers. However the love for Egypt remained with me for years until I have visit it last year, which was really a life experience.

This e-learning course is what I have been looking for. Could you please send me some details about possible syllabus and where could I apply?


Jane Akshar said...

So glad you are interested, funnily enough I ended up in computers as well but Egyptology was my hobby since age 9.

There are full details

I will edit the blog to put that up as well