Monday, 10 August 2009

Coptic Egypt

I recently had a prof staying at the flats in Luxor (who incidently wrote a brill review on Trip Advisor). He was studying Coptic graffitti and we joked a lot between us about Pharaonic Egyptologists not liking anything past 1000BC.

He is studying all over Egypt but while he was here visited Deir el Bahri, Deir el Medina, KV2, Kharga and Abydos.

So to prove I am not prejudiced at all here is some Coptic information courtsey of Lyn Green

The Canadian Society for Coptic Studies

The Canadian Society for Coptic Studies/La Société Canadienne pour les Études Coptes (CSCS/SCEC), incorporated as a non-profit organization on May 29, 2009, has as its purpose the bringing together individuals interested in Coptic studies; and the dissemination of scholarly information on Coptic studies through the organization of meetings and conferences and through the preparation of scholarly works for publication.
The CSCS/SCEC is affiliated with the University of Toronto, and St. Mark's Coptic Museum The Dept. of Near & Middle Eastern Civilizations at the U. of Toronto has already presented two Coptic Symposia, featuring scholars from Egypt, Canada and elsewhere and has initiated a programme of Coptic Studies

For more information contact: Dr. Helene Moussa

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Joseph Nobles said...

There's a very good book out on Abydos now by David O'Connor. It makes me want to go.