Sunday, 6 December 2009

Egyptian Coins

Just had some guests who try and collect coins where ever they go on holiday so we did our best to get them one of every sort. Thought I would share with you

From left to right

1 LE (100 pt = 1LE). These and the 50pt are the ones tourist are most likely to come across. It is silver and gold with Tutankamun on it. You can get them at a bank easily but less easily at shops and exchange bureaus

large 50pt and small 50pt exactly the same design but the newer one is slightly smaller, gold with Nefertari, I think this would make a lovely pendant

25pt with the hole in the middle

20pt I had never seen one of these until today

large silver 10pt again I had never seen one till today

small gold 10pt these I have seen, lovely picture of the citadel

gold 5pt with what looks like a vase on it


Brian Yare said...

I assume that by silver and gold you are referring to white/grey and yellow/brown metal. There is no possibility that even the Egyptian authorities would make the mistake of using silver and gold in coins of such denominations!

Unknown said...

We were cleaning out my fathers house when I came across this coin that appears to come from Egypt. I'm not where it has come from or the type of metal. It appears to be gold but looks are deceiving. It is dated 1999 & has the image of Ramses II. There was a note in the box that said it was 50 Pound-11.8GM and the number .900
Have you ever seen this coin or is it a souvenir ?

Jane Akshar said...

Never heard of it, sorry