Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Finds at Dra Abu Naga

Apparently there have been a series of significant finds (including some papyrus) at Dra Abu Naga near Roy and Shu Roy and Zahi is coming to Luxor 17th to announce something.


Unknown said...

We were hiking near the Tombs of the Nobles yesterday and saw about 2 dozen workers removing sand and walked up the hill to near Sennefer's tomb and saw that, yes, it was an excavation. We saw pot sherds on the ground and a big yellow tape announcing that it was an archaeological excavation, please keep out. Interesting!

Thutmose said...

Was anything ever announced about what the find was?

Jane Akshar said...

I think it should be up on Zahi's site soon as he has been here for three days staying at the Carter House. The discovery is some new tombs on an SCA dig