Monday, 25 January 2010

'Sphinx Alley' gives Luxor, Egypt large open-air museum -

Quite a few reports about Luxor about Spinx Avenue, here is one of the better ones 'Sphinx Alley' gives Egypt large open-air museum -


John Billman said...

Goodness will it really be finished by March? I walked along that way on Friday and they were demolishing some houses just before the turn towards Mut. Relating to your earlier post if we have both the avenue and the Mut complex (including the RIII temple) open then this will add a whole new aspect to the East Bank and a Karnak visit - hopefully new vistors can get a more complete sense of the landscape.


Timothy Reid said...

Hi Jane

I think Amenhotep III reigned in the 14th century bc not the 12th century bc as the article says,otherwise good article thanks.

Egyptenguiden said...

I still think it´s a very high of a price to pay for the gov. to bulldoze his way to Karnak - for what?
-I do fear Disneyland is the next attraction coming to Luxor!