Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Pharaon Magazine Update

From: "fran├žois tonic"


the new issue of Pharaon Magazine is now available !

- Christiane Desroche Noblecourt : beyond the books, madame the archaeologist
- drugs and ancient egypt : nicotina and cocaine inside the mummies !
true or not true ?
- special article about excavations at Tanis, by Philippe Brissaud
- 12 hours of the night and the journey of the sun, 1st part
- tomb of Menna
- the news tombs opening at Saqqarah
- the blue lotus
- Osorkon and the chronology of the 22th dynasty
- "Fastueuse Egypte" : the greatest egyptian' exhibition at Avignon

all new web site !

French only

next issue :
Issue #7 : later october

special issue #4 : decembre 2011

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francois tonic

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