Sunday, 28 August 2011

Update from Mansour Boraik

Just had a brief phone call from Mansour Boraik head of the SCA in Luxor

1) the new head of the SCA Mohammed Abdel Fattah wants to pay a lot of attention to Luxor starting with the completion of Sphinx Avenue in time for an end of October opening
2) there will be a new site management of Karnak to take account of the excavations at the front of the temple. At the moment the visitors miss what is going on and go straight to the first pylon
3) Ted Brock has been working on the restoration of the sarcophagus of Merenptah
4) They are hoping to have a new lecture series this season

You can imagine how excited I was about the last the one

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Stuart Tyler said...

Thanks for passing on the information. This is all good news, which is of course welcomed.