Saturday, 3 September 2011

Champoleon Grafitti at Karnak - A correction

For years I have been telling people and have honestly believed that the graffiti in the festival hall of Tuthmosis III at Karnak was an incorrect spelling of Champollion. Recently on EEF an author Roger De Keersmaecker announced the publication of his twelfth book on graffiti and I was interested to see that his previous books included this area. So I wrote him and asked about it.

What a kind man, he replied and corrected my completely false assumption, apparently it is not an incorrect spelling of Champollion but Champoleon is common name in France which still exists and there is also a village in France with the same name. So sorry to all the people I have led down the garden path all these years.

It does make me keen to read more of Roger's books, his website is here

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