Sunday, 4 September 2011

Restaurant Review - Pizza Roma

Had a meal at Pizza Roma last night and I can thoroughly recommend it. It is traditional Italian pizza and there were about 6 pages of different options. I had the Gorgonzola and aubergine, hubby a spicy vegetable mix and the children shared a chicken one. The place is owned by an Italian however she was on holiday but she has obviously trained h staff well as the meal was exactly what it should be, I have been to Rome and it was just like that. Not stuffed crust monstrosities but a thin almost biscuit like pizza base with scrummy toppings. There was also a range of pasta and main dishes. They try and have everything as fresh as possible I was told, and in fact grow their basil on the roof. For desert I had the chocolate mousse yummy. The staff we spoke to Mohammed Peter the manager and Alaa the chef were all charming, in fact when I asked for coffee and they offered cappuccino, espresso and Nescafe. I said I wanted Egyptian coffee so they sent a boy to the local coffee shop! Now that is what I call service. The website with a map and contact detail is and it is located very near the St Joseph hotel.

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