Thursday, 8 September 2011

Western visitors to Egypt must obtain visas before arrival | Al-Masry Al-Youm: Today's News from Egypt

further update strong rumour is suggesting this from Sept 20th!!!!!!

I suggest that you check this out if travelling here and get a visa in advance. Western visitors to Egypt must obtain visas before arrival | Al-Masry Al-Youm: Today's News from Egypt: Mohamad Hegazy said a new government decree will require that all visitors apply for a visa from an Egyptian embassy abroad.

Hegazy did not explain the motives behind the new measure or say when the new regulation will take effect.

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One of my guests who ALWAYS gets her visa in advance says.
All you need to do is download a form from the Egyptian consulate site fill it in send it off with postal orders and passports, of and paid return envelopes-its all on the site. ours have never taken more than a week to 10 days.
It was 15GBP for visas per person, then cost of postage and return, both recommended recorded or tracked at very least

Another guest says

Getting a visa in the UK is easy and if you are in London its just a quick visit in the morning with your documents and you can pick it up in the afternoon.


Anonymous said...

Seriously? What a hassle. The more times goes by the more I believe I'll never visit Egypt again. Why would they do this? I don't care if it's not considered a big deal in the UK, I'm an American. I don't see the point of making it even more of a hassle for tourists to visit Egypt. You'd think the Egyptians would want to increase tourism, not decrease it. said...

Is this serious ?
I just phone to Egyptair in Brussels, they know nothing about it. said...

I just ask to Egyptair Brussels, they ignore all about that

Jane Akshar said...

It is being reported in all Egyptian media and it fits with the clamp down on long stayers

Amenhotep said...

It really is not that simple to get a Visa in the UK and would you trust your passport to the mail? Also if you go in person the pick up is 2 days later as they stopped same day pick up so 2 train fares instead of 1! It is sad as this will put many off coming to Egypt.

Wsr_Jmn_Ktn_N_Nswt said...

In my country, if you ask for a Visa by the Egyptian Embassy, it cocts more as paid directly on airport :-(
Uncomfortable questions, lot of papers, passphotos and egyptian time for completing...