Sunday, 11 September 2011

Funeral of Ahmed from the Deir el Medina bookshop

It was the last day of the funeral of Ahmed today and I went along to pay my respects and to pass on all the condolences posted on the blog, facebook and twitter. Ahmed was only 48 and had been ill for 10 days when he died. I spoke to his brother Mohammed, who I know well, and his sons. I told them how much Ahmed had been respected in the Egyptology world, especially the French and how he will be missed.


Marie said...

Sorry to hear about this, Jane!

Timothy Reid said...

48 is far too young a friend to lose


amr elhelly said...

it was with great sadness that i recievd this news as i have known ahmed for mopre than 20 yeras, please iof you can pass my condlouces to mahmoud and family as i am not coming to luxor this month, amr elhelly -tour guide.
thanks for informing all of us

Jane Akshar said...

the family were going to look at the blog etc so they will see your comments.