Monday, 12 September 2011

Billies Bazaar - Belly Dancing Costumes

I wanted to share my good friend Billie website. She hand makes belly dancing clothes (and other clothes) and is a great lover of everything Egyptian. A regular guest at Flats in Luxor and a great support of tourism in Egypt so I want to return the favour and give her publicity. I know her stuff is quality as last time she came out I put in a request for some cotton trousers as I could not get them here in the style and colour I wanted. We did the measurements over the internet and when she came out they were exactly what I wanted and fitted. So you can buy with confidence made to measure, she knows what she is doing. The finish is high quality, you will be very pleased. So please visit her website and have a look. Billies Bazaar: - Sent using Google Toolbar

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Anonymous said...

I find it difficult to have a perfect belly dancing skirt.So if your friend can offer some help ,I would be very appreciated.