Thursday, 3 March 2016

Direct flights to Luxor

Please sign this petition and share on what ever social media you use if you would like direct flights to Luxor from where you live.

Petition update · NO MARKET FOR FLIGHTS TO LUXOR??????? · Mar 3, 2016 — At the recent meeting here in Luxor with the British Consul John Hamilton he went on and on about how the British Ambassador John Casson was working very hard with the Foreign Office and the UK airlines to get the flights resumed as soon as possible to SHARM EL SHEIKH. I challenged him saying that we were not interested in what was happening in Sharm and that they had only had reduced tourist numbers since November whereas Luxor had been suffering for the last FIVE YEARS and what help had the British Ambassador been to the people here? NO HELP AT ALL!!!! NOBODY had intervened with the airlines to get flights resumed to Luxor as soon as possible. The Consul's reply to this was that there is no market for flights to Luxor and that they could only work on getting regular flights when there was a demand for them. We again challenged him and said that there a VERY MANY people who wanted to fly DIRECT from the UK to Luxor without the extra hassle and expense of having to fly into Hurghada or via Cairo to which he replied "Well I don't know about that" and laughed. So, let's let him know that there IS A DEMAND for DIRECT flights from ALL airports in the UK. PLEASE SIGN and get all of your friends to sign. Thank you

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