Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Feedback on use of the Luxor Pass

I do suggest when you get the pass you ask for Ahmed's phone number to sort these teething problems

Karren Tuffs This is the reverse Jane Akshar. We have had issues We went into Luxor Museum first. They took our passes inside the museum and said they needed to take them to the manager. 15 minutes later, after one of our party became insistent that they were returned, they turned up.

Today we visited SETI I and were left waiting outside while the guardian had to leg it with our passes to find his manager. The security guy did tell us to go inside though and our passes were returned before we left.

Next was King Tutankhamen, we had a problem here and had to ring Ahmed Khalifa, Supreme Council of Antiquties who had processed our passes. After he had spoken with them there were very very apologetic.

We had no problem in KV9.

Tomorrow is Nefertari so we will keep you posted.

P.s. There is restoration in King Tutankhamen's being carried out at the mind. Please feel free to ask more ask more questions 👍🏼


Karen also says " I think when the Luxor pass takes off it will really be a success. We will buying another in Feb."

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