Thursday, 3 November 2016

Seti I, Nefertari and Luxor Pass UPDATE

  • 1)      The tombs and the Luxor pass are available tomorrow 1st November
  • 2)      The ticket for Nefertari will be available at the Valley of Queens ticket office
  • 3)      The ticket for Seti I tomb will be available at the Valley of Kings ticket office
  • 4)      They are both 1000LE
  • 5)      The Luxor pass valid for 5 days is available at the east bank tuftish(antiquities office) which is behind Luxor Museum. You should ask for Ahmed Khalifa
  • 6)      $100 USD pass ($50 USD for students) is WITHOUT Nefertari and Seti I
  • 7)      $200 USD pass ($100 USD for students) is WITH Nefertari and Seti I

Update with answers to the questions you asked

The office on the east bank is open 9-4:30 every day including Friday (I did ask specifically)
You need a photo and a copy of the details page of your passport to get the Luxor Pass
There is a limit of 150 people a day to Nefertari and Seti I tombs

There is also another annual Luxor Pass (thanks Annette) details here

The MoA is launching a new annual pass for all open archaeological sites and museums. For the first time,
Egyptians, Arab and foreign residents in Egypt are able to purchase an annual pass, which can be obtained
from the Department of Foreign Cultural Relations at the MoA in Zamalek.
Categories and prices are: EGP 100 for pupils of Egyptian governmental, private and international schools in
Egypt; EGP 150 for Egyptian, Arab and foreign university students residing in Egypt; EGP 400 for Egyptians
and Arabs residing in Egypt; $440 for foreigners employed by
embassies and international organizations in Egypt (including
the tombs of Sety I and Nefertari in Luxor), $340 without these
two tombs; and $490 for foreign residents in Egypt (including the
tombs of Sety I and Nefertari in Luxor); and $390 without these
two tombs.
In addition, the Board of the Supreme Council of Antiquties has
approved free entry for Egyptian and resident Arab seniors (60+) to
all archaeological sites and museums open to the public.

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