Sunday, 16 April 2017

Another report of travelling under the new laptop regulations from Egypt

I travelled from Luxor to Heathrow with Egyptair on Monday 10th April 2017. As a result of the latest advice issued regarding tablets/laptops, I put my Tablet (which exceeded the measurements for being allowed into the Aircraft Cabin), into my Hold Luggage which I protected, as much as I could, with bubble wrap/clothing.
The procedure inside the airport this time, as against previous visits, last November and before that date, involved the checks on Passports and Tickets was made at the entrance door of the airport and not, inside, just before the first Scanning machine. For the 10am flight I arrived early, so I had no wait but, by 8am, there was a long queue outside the door waiting for the Passport/Ticket checks. By the this the sun was well up and some were waiting in that warm sunshine.
My hold luggage was scanned and I indicated to the operator that I had a Tablet inside and he indicated that there was no problem and I then proceeded to Check-in. I later observed the first scanner from within the upstairs departures section and some passengers were taken to the right and their baggage was opened and checked.
Now this seems all quite reasonable, but when I arrived in an airport hotel in Heathrow, both of my hold suitcase ( one of which had no tablet or laptop inside ) were sealed through the lock-eyes with small almost clear coloured cable ties. Of course, any  scissors or other sharp tool I had to cut the cable-ties, was inside my suitcases. Luckily, I found a room cleaner who let me borrow her scissors from her own handbag. I am still trying for think of what I could pack in Hand Luggage which would be allowable in Hand Luggage for cutting these cable-ties on future visits.... I did think of toe nail clippers but the ones I have also have a sharp pointed nail file attached...So, no good
As I was out in Luxor when the new regulations regarding Tablets and Laptops came into force I would suggest that perhaps consideration should be given that your electronic equipment is not insured whilst in the aircraft hold and perhaps have a look at the operating temperature range because your tablet/laptop will be subjected to the hot Luxor weather and then a long flight in an unheated luggage hold with temperatures as low as -60 deg. . I have looked online and there are tablet/laptop cases available which are padded, hard cased, and waterproof ~ This might well be the way to go if you really need to have your larger 'electronics' with you. If these regulations are here to stay, then I'm sure that manufactures will soon be offering an array of suitable products to give additional protection for your tablets and laptops.#

I hope the above helps others.

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