Thursday, 13 April 2017

Ministry response to disabled access request

I have received a follow up to my email to the Ministry about disabled access.

Dr. Sherif Abd El Monem has sent my information to Shenouda Rizkalla who is a PhD candidate in Egyptology, Helwan University.. Very interested in Disabled people, done a site management field school under the supervision of Dr. Sara Perry from York University and Workshop under title " How to deal with disabled people in the Museums" AND published a paper in the international conference of Minia University " Challenging Disability" under title " Visions for the Development of Interpretation and Facilities for the disabled People in Egyptian Archaeological Sites and Museums" in 26- 27 March 2017.

Shenouda says "I saw your project " Hidden Luxor" it is amazing, especially the Logo  as it is a social object and hot interpretation. I read the paper and articles which you sent to Dr. Shreif . When Dr. Shreif mentioned your name I said to him I know her.

I want to contact you and do proposal about Disability  then introduce this project to the MOA and also to deal with the co- operation work with us in this field."

Isnt that fabulous, my little campaign is having an effect!

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