Saturday, 22 January 2011

Aboudi's Bookshop Grand Opening

Everyone's favourite bookshop had its grand opening on Thursday 20th.

This bookshop has been providing great books in Luxor for 3 generations and is the primary outlet for all good Egyptology books in Luxor, probably in Egypt. It had recently moved locations from next door to the old Winter Palace which is being redeveloped to next door to MacDonalds behind Luxor Temple.

There were lots of local dignitaries and people from AUC publications.

and Egyptologists

I felt like a kid in a candy shop looking at all the great books. The old black and white photos were tempting as well.

Particularly liked this one aimed at kids

but decided I couldn't afford the one by Zahi at £2,600 GBP!


Kleurrijk said...

When I am in Luxor, I always go to Aboudi bookshop. I am from Holland, and once I even found a Dutch book. I love the shop. I am a little bit sad that they moved out.
Nice pictures.

Jane Akshar said...

I should have mentioned that, they have books in lots of languages beside English

Claudia said...

Hi Jane, the Aboudi bookstore next to Winter Palace has his shop now in the little street beside passport office. This one behind the temple belongs to cousins.