Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Weather in Ancient Egypt

A few of us on Facebook were discussing weather in Egypt. Last night I went out with three layers on, thermal long johns, pj bottoms and trousers lol. Night time in the Egyptian winter is cold although the days are sunny warm. The locals go round in layers of clothing and scarves, the babies are bundled up in blankets. Now we were trying to recollect depictions of warm clothing in Egyptian Art. Or examples of warm clothing. Was it that the ideal after life weather was spring and autumn. Has anyone done a phd on this subject (if they haven't someone should) I would be most interesting in reading it.


Anonymous said...

There's some statues showing the ancients wrapped up warmly in cloaks:

Vincent said...

What an interesting idea! I don't think I've seen any depictions of people rugged up in ancient Egyptian art.

Perhaps they wrapped themselves in linen and hibernated in stone floatation tanks in small underground rooms over winter.