Saturday, 29 January 2011

A Message from Jane about the News in Egypt

Hi Readers,

It's Colette Mason here - I am a friend of Jane's. We spent 2 weeks together earlier in January.

Jane has no internet access in Luxor, and so I have interviewed her over the telephone (+20 (0) 103 564 540) and shared the call via Youtube.

If you are staying with Jane soon, give her a call, as she has no email access right now. Her cell phone works ok.

Please share this video - it's important that people are made aware that the images in the press in Cairo and Alexandria are very different to the situation in Luxor. Support the voice of the local people.




David Sands said...

Pleased to see your post. My ex wife and my daughter are going to Luxor 19th Feb. I booked them in with Mara and have bought and already bought the tickets for them but didn't get around to buying travel insurance. I can't reach Mara's land line. I'm sure hoping the dust will have settled by then.

David (and Cathy and Rowanna)

Daniel Jackson said...

I just received a message from a source within AUC telling the antiquities of westbank are completely without security at the moment. People from Qurna and Bairat are said to form a protective group for KV.

Can you confirm anything like this? Have you heard of any trouble with the monuments?

In Cairo museum it ist now confirmed via TV pictures that would-be looters destroyed some statues from the tomb of Tut, damaging more stuff. Hopefully Luxor and westbank are secure.

Donald Clark said...

Thanks for the update but the truth of the matter is that over a hundred are dead, Mubarak has made no real concessions, his party HQ is burnt to the ground and there is no internet access - even in Luxor. Mubarak will go and only then will Egypt be able to move on. I wish the people of Luxor and all of the woderful people in Egypt well, and look forward to returning there when Mubarak has disappeared.