Monday, 3 January 2011

Lots of digs visible from the road

Just driving from the crossroads to the valley of nobles there were lots of digs visible from the road and there is a good chance of seeing something.

Some words of etiquette

1) no photos of closed sites, it is against the rules, they have the right to seize and remove all photos on your memory stick

2) don't wander onto the site, these digs are closed sites and you are not allowed on them

3) don't annoy the archeologists. Now sometimes they have the time and inclination to talk to visitors but do remember they are actually working and need to concentrate. Don't interrupt

Having said all that it can be quite interesting to spend 15 minutes watching them at work, kids are often fascinated. I saw work at Tawsert, Amenhotep II, Amenhotep III, Tuthmosis III and the Ramasseum all from the main road.

At the entrance to the Ramasseum they have installed plinths indicating the location of the jackal headed sphinxes that lined the avenue. There is a reproduction there but if you want to see the real thing there are examples at the temple of Merenptah

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