Monday, 24 January 2011

The prospects for young men in Luxor

I am sure that visitors to Luxor who get annoyed by the hassle wonder why on earth these men don't get a proper job. Here is a little story to show the reality.

This photo is of a young man that works in an alabaster factory. I have known him quite a few years. He did very well at school and his parents sacrificed to send him to university where he did even better. So why is he working in an alabster factory.

When he was at university he was promissed a job if he passed well in his year. In fact he was in the top five but after years no job had materialised. It was very frustrating, he applied for jobs outside and inside of Egypt. So this highly educated young man, with excellent English ends up working in an alabaster factory.

Imagine if you haven't got a good degree, or haven't got a degree at all, never even finished school, how on earth are you going to get a job. Hence the hassle that tourists experience, these young men have no opportunities, no chance. There is no other work in Luxor other than tourism.

There is a happy ending to this particular story, after 6 years waiting he has finally got a job as a geologist.

So please be understanding of the hassle, they really have no choice.

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Nadiyya said...

As I suspected, really.