Thursday, 16 October 2008

Latest burial in the Valley of Kings - Alec Anthon

If when visiting the tomb of Ay you hear a Mancunian accent echoing of the gebel then congratulations you have just met the ghost of my Dad. He will probably be telling a corny joke. Regular readers to the blog will remember he died in Feb after a full an active life and I had the opportunity to say my goodbyes properly. Delicious Death entry

Now it was his mother that got me interested in Egyptology and he was in Egypt 1946/7. So it seemed fitting that part of his ashes should be buried here. They were brought over by Michael who lives on the roof yesterday. So today I went with the prayer book dated 1791 belonging to my great, great, great, great grandfather and read out loud the funeral service and scattered his ashes.

The policeman that always accompanies you up to the tomb of Ay was totally puzzled why I wanted to up there, had no ticket for the tomb and no guests with me. I had to shew him away. Egyptians do not believe in cremation and think something like this is completely weird. I really did not feel like explaining although I told my brother in law who drove me up there. But otherwise this was between me and my Dad

I felt a peculiar sense of satisfaction and happiness that my father had the send off he should have done.

His ashes mingled with dust and blended perfectly. They should totally confuse some future archaeologist if they ever find way to analyze dust