Tuesday, 6 October 2009

KV63 Update

From Roxanne Wilson

A new update is available on the KV-63 website (www.KV-63.com)

The update is rather substantial and includes:
• Dr. Schaden’s newest Dig Diary
• A list of new KV-63 articles and publications
• Details on the upcoming Howard Carter Symposium where Dr. Otto Schaden, Professor Earl Ertman and Dr. Salima Ikram will be presenting papers
• Information on ‘Tutankhamun: The Latest Discovery in the Valley of the Kings and the Egyptological Art of Susan Osgood’ (OI/Chicago House & KV-63 Artist)
• 30 new images…. including some never before seen
• and A Special Commentary on the Menkheperre Seal by Dr. Otto Schaden. A mud seal bearing the cartouche of Menkheperre (Thutmosis III).

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