Monday, 5 October 2009

Ramases III tomb has reopened.

Received from one of my readers, thank you Gérard

Just to let you know that Ramases III tomb has reopened from today.

My recommendation to visitors to Luxor if you want to under Ancient Egypt better and specifically Ramases III do this

- Start the visit in East Bank, Luxor visiting Karnak and particullary the Chapels of Ramses III
- Go to the West Bank, visit Medinet Habu to see his Temple of a Million Years
- Go to Queen's Valley and visit the tombs of one of his wives and two of his children
- Finish by visiting his tomb in the King's Valley.


Anonymous said...

Good news! But what tomb was closed for that?

Jane, a request to you: Can you publish a list of the open tombs (from time to time)?

Your guests have the information.

Jane Akshar said...

Often these busy tombs are closed to give them a rest and let humidity levels return to normally. i do not know the specific reason for the closure of this one but it was probably that.

Which tombs are open is not that easy to find out. Notices will say a tomb is open and when you get to that wadi you find the entire wadi closed. It is only visitors to the valley that know what is open that particular day. Horemheb for example there was no notification it was open you just had to try.

When ever I get information I publish it :0

Anonymous said...

When ever I get information I publish it. Thank's!

That's all well known! It would be so easy when your guests take a photo of the current information board. ...and if you would publish it from time to time.

Jane Akshar said...

That information board is often out of date so that would not help. You have to ask in the valley on the day to be sure

Anonymous said...

Thanks Jane, I understand! is difficult to prepare for visit VOK! Tomb into which we want for now.

Is on my list for late October early November... KV34 or KV35 (currently closed?) - KV57 (I've heard closed again end Oct?) - KV43 - KV14 (KV8 currently closed?) - KV11 - Extra KV9 - Walk to KV(WV)23

Yes, and then there's Seti I :-(