Thursday, 22 April 2010

Hassan Fathy Village

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"In the context of preserving the cultural heritage of the South Upper Egypt and the architectural heritage of the village of Hassan Fathy famous mainland western Luxor, which is one of the heritage features and architectural distinctive in the world, visited Luxor, a delegation from the World Heritage Centre of UNESCO for the development of perceptions of principle for the restoration and development of the village to preserve it and contribute to the restoration and development.

The delegation included a number of UNESCO experts, headed by Dr. Daniel and me, a student of Ahmed Hamed Hassan Fathi, a number of experts in antiquities and culture.

Dr. Samir Farag, Governor of Luxor development that the village of Hassan Fathy, one of the projects the comprehensive development plan for the development of Luxor and converted into a museum open world where you will develop the entire village and restoration of existing homes in the village, which up to 70 House and the restoration and development of the mosque, the theater and Khan Market and House, who lived by the Engineer Hassan Fathi, during the construction village, where are these buildings the most important features of the village, will also be establishing an international center for handicrafts, UNESCO oversee its implementation to be an integrated complex to preserve the cultural heritage of craft industries and crafts in the Middle East to include specialists from all over the world do the training and rehabilitation of workers in the field of handicrafts.

The Prime Minister has issued a decree to transfer the village of Hassan Fathy to protected heritage."

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