Saturday, 3 April 2010

New tomb in Valley of Queens, Luxor QV43 Seth-her-khopsef Open

They are restoring Amonherkepchef(QV 55) and that tomb is now closed so they have opened QV43 Seth-her-khopsef and I went there today. It is up the hill next door. A large tomb and very smoke damaged. Scenes of Ramses III presenting his son to various Gods, all the normal crowd Ptah, Sekhmet, Isis, Nephytys, Selket, Neith, Anubis, Shu including a full face god who I did not recognise (anyone know) and eventually to Osiris.

I have no idea how long this tomb is going to be open so get there quick.


Vintage Mum said...

Does this help?

"....on the walls of which we see Ramesses III taking his son before the gods: Shu, Qebehsenuf, and Hapy at right; Ptah, Ptah- Tatenen, Duamutef, and Imsety at left. Amun-her-khepshef, dressed in a tunic and sandals, has a hairstyle typical of young princes that is similar to Khaemwaset’s. On the northwest wall, in the middle of which is a door giving access to the burial chamber, Ramesses III and Amun-her-khepshef greet the goddesses Hathor (right, western wall) and Isis (left, eastern wall), Originally, in the middle of the burial chamber was the prince’s sarcophagus, which was later taken to the small rear chamber"

Unless you can give me anymore description, etc?

Carolyn x

Jane Akshar said...

It is the tomb od Seth her khopsel not Amun, different prince although nothign to say you are not right as tomb decoration is pretty similar.

Someone else told me it is a genie with two knives but could not remember the name

Unknown said...

hello jane, thanks for the news, and for bringing back happy memorys for me of khaenwaset tomb, i went in twice, it feels like a life time ago now, love mary

Unknown said...

Mahes, guardian of the doors...maybe...there is a depiction also at Seti's temple at Abydos, I believe I have a photo of it...leonine deity with one knife in each hand...

John Billman said...

This one has been open for a few months (was certainly open in Feb when I was over), as you said very smoke damaged - a great candidate for cleaning and restoration

Vintage Mum said...

Sorry for the mistake above Jane, I spent ages with all my books out and that was the closest I could get and wondered if they tombs were partially the same.

I have never heard of a Genie in Ancient Egyptian beliefs, I can see the idea coming from another belief system from the last 2,000 years and possibly explained as that, but I can't find a single god or goddess doing holding knives in any tomb inscription, very interesting.

Shame there are no photographs, now I am intrigued and off to delve deeper. I take it they have banned cameras in Queens Valley too now? Is is possible to get an official permit to take photos for publication?


Kate Phizackerley said...

The photo ban does indeed also apply to QV43

Anonymous said...

How did the God look like?

Anonymous said...

I was in the valley of the Queens in march 2010.
The tomb of Khaemwaset(QV 44)was open but the tomb of Amonherkepchef(QV 55)was closed for restoration.
Therefore the tomb of Sethirkopshef(QV 43)was open.
Inside this tomb the wallpaintings are black coloured by making fire inside the tomb

Anonymous said...

Can you tell me how long the tomb of Khaemwaset(QV 44)is closed ?

Jane Akshar said...

QV44 is not closed QV55 is closed and they never say for how long