Monday, 12 April 2010

New Blockyard at Luxor Temple

Readers will remember Ray Johnson speaking about this in his lecture so today I went and visited.

Firstly you have to get an idea of this blockyard, it is huge, big and then big. This is a view taken from the mosque and you can see how much there is there. It is all arranged on mastabas (local name for brick benches).

When you get to the end of the temple exit on the north side and there is a walkway with a chain link fence. Just follow it.

Everything is well labeled and stretches from Middle Kingdom to Islam.

Where neighbouring blocks have been identified they have been assembled in to fragment groups and like the khonsu wall there is connecting drawings so the reliefs make more sense.

There is a small diversion where the walkway goes to a viewing area of the Roman gate together with an excellent diagram of what the temple looked like under the Romans.

You re-enter the temple through the peristyle sun court.

I went there in the morning and although the views were good I was told by a member of Chicago House staff that afternoon or even at night give the best views. She also mentioned they hope they can set up a website giving more details about the blocks but that was still in the wish list/planning stage.

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