Thursday, 3 June 2010

Courses in Egyptology from Manchester Uni

As I am sure you are aware i am doing the online Egyptology course from Manchester Uni. I totally recommend it. If you want to apply you have until the end of June.

The benefits

- a course designed by the the creme de la creme of Egyptology: Tutor Joyce Tyldesley Prof Rosalie David
- a fully featured online learning environment
- interaction with your peers, in small tutorial groups, by year and by course
- guided learning with 28 activities and 2 essays a year and as well as a final dissertation
- tools for independent research
- quiz(s)
- hieroglyphic teaching
- comprehensive book list
- links to quality websites
- technical support

- free Jstore access
- student card
- student discounts
- student software
- free anti virus for the life of your computer
- free Visual Glyph for the life of your computer
- free transliteration font for the life of your computer
- use of VPN giving access to all British TV, I think that is an accidental benefit but it is still very nice

and a lot of FUN

And for everyone that hasn't got the time or would like a taster, they have short courses. These are brand new but using all the knowledge they have from running the Certificate Course.

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