Tuesday, 1 June 2010

I just got a brief update from Otto Schaden on his future plans. Reading between the lines some funds would help his future planning. If you go to the website http://www.kv-63.com/donationslinks.html it tells you how you can help.

Dear Jane ---

No great secrets here, I am hoping to finish up a report for
ASAE and a brief summary for Orientalia, then I will begin to work
out some plans and possible schedules for the next season. Of
late, we have been active during the early months of the year
and no doubt we will plan our 2011 season to begin in January.
Until we have raised more funds, we cannot set the length of the
season at this early date. Our proposal to the SCA will probably
be sent to Zamalek during September.

The work on KV-63 materials is not yet complete, but we do
hope to gradually get back to the KV-10 tasks. The descent
through the pillared hall remains to be cleared, but for 2011, we
will still need that room for work on the KV-63 coffins.

By the end of summer we should have advanced many of our
plans for 2011.


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