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Warfare and Weapons in Ancient Egypt - FREE MOOC course from Joyce Tydesley

Joyce Tyldesley 

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Dynastic Egypt united in approximately 3100 B.C. It remained an
independent land for much of its 3,000 year history, before becoming
absorbed into the Roman Empire in 30 B.C.

During this Dynastic Period, Egypt was able to recover from civil war
and foreign rule and use its military might to develop a vast empire
stretching from the Sudan to Syria. This military success shows that
Egypt understood the value of an efficient fighting force. Certainly,
the royal propaganda of the victorious king riding into battle in his
chariot, or smiting the enemy who grovels at his feet, is one of Egypt's
most enduring and instantly-recognisable images. But how accurate is
this image? What do we know about warfare and weapons in ancient Egypt?

This course, led by expert Egyptologist and author, Dr. Joyce
Tyldesley, explores the art, archaeology, and technology of Egyptian
warfare and weapons from the Predynastic Period (Dynasty 0) to the end
of the New Kingdom (Dynasty 20). Drawing on contemporary literature, it
introduces the mighty warrior Tuthmosis III, victor of Megiddo (the
Biblical Armageddon), and the self-proclaimed hero Ramesses II, who
claims to have single-handedly won the Battle of Kadesh.

  • Kings, enemies, soldiers and weapons
  • Warfare in the Old and Middle Kingdoms
  • Warfare in the 18th Dynasty
  • Warfare in the Ramesside Period

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