Monday, 26 January 2009

Hassan Fathy Update

International expertise mission of the international association SAVE THE HERITAGE OF HASSAN FATHY, New Gourna Village


The international mission constituted by a representative of CRAterre - ENSAG and Chair of UNESCO for Earthern architecture, Egyptian architects, academics and experts in adobe architecture as well as the founder members of the association, has noted that since the creation of the SAVE THE HERITAGE OF HASSAN FATHY in February 2008 and despite the support of the international community, Egyptian and international institutions as well as the honorific patronage of H. E. Madame Suzanne Mubarak, New Gourna is continuing to deteriorate daily.

The most alarming fact that should be stopped immediately is that behind the theater of New Gourna village, on the beautiful esplanade planned by Hassn Fathy for events and festivities, two new concrete buildings are being constructed. These buildings will be used for the administration of the Council of the Town (Maglis al-madina). They are being constructed at a distance of a few meters from the theater and the Mayor's house which are still in a very good condition. The trucks are seriously threatening Hassan Fathy's works.

Moreover, a survey of the village has shown that approximatively 60% of the houses of the original village built by Hassan Fathy have been destroyed during the past years and that a process of destruction and reconstruction is ongoing.
Most of the public and private buildings need urgent care. Therefore conservatory measures shouls be taken and a moratorium should be applied immediately on the entire village built by Hassan Fathy to avoid further deteriorations.


Leila el-Wakil, President Rachida Teymour, Vice-President Nadia

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Unknown said...

Jane, Nawal Hassan who used to run the Hassan Fathy Art and Architecture centre in Old Gourna until it was bulldozed is also involved with this group. She was a lifelong friend of Hassan Fathy.