Friday, 16 January 2009

Hassan Fathy

I just received this via Facebook where I am a member of the Save New Gourna group

International Association

A Mission to New Gourna will take place in the end of January 2009

The International Association "Save the heritage of Hassan Fathy" (Geneva) was created in February 2008 to safeguard and preserve the remaining works of the great Egyptian architect, Hassan Fathy.
Since its creation, many individual members, Institutions and Universities from all over the world have subscribed to the Save the Heritage of Hassan Fathy and their number is increasing daily.
Our main objective today is to carry out an expertise assessment of New Gourna Village. Indeed, this outstanding realisation is one of Hassan Fathy's most famous projects. The international and national opinion is now calling for a restoration project of New Gourna Village. Besides preserving a cultural world heritage, the project could constitute a very attractive element in the framework of the ongoing touristical development of Thebes and its Necropolis.

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