Friday, 3 April 2009

El Kab and Esna

Had a day out to Moalla, El Kab and Esna today. I can't begin to describe how great it is to visit these sites now the convoy system has finished. At El Kab it would appear that they are developing the site with the erection of a wall and possible plaza. I was quite surprised to see two coaches leaving as we arrived however they only visited the tombs. So perhaps this redevelopment will mean big groups will visit the temples as well.

At Esna they are cleaning the temple and you can see from these two columns the right hand one is much sharper and the background whiter. I think it will be great once it is finished.

I did like this trapping scene, when you looked at various fish and birds there were loads of varieties. Not a great fan of Ptolemaic temples but I did like this.

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